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Welcome to the Chippit Community!
Welcome to the Chippit Community!

Join money pools with verified members for planned purchases

Written by Eli Muse
Updated over a week ago

Getting Started with Chippit in 4 Steps:

1. Sign Up: Register and verify your details on Chippit.

2. Join a Plan: Choose a monthly budget that aligns with your goals. Join up to three plans to contribute to a shared pool, but remember, this isn’t a replacement for your regular bank savings. It's about setting aside amounts to join a group for interest-free borrowing for planned purchases.

3. Group Matching: After selecting a plan and linking your bank account (for monthly contributions and payouts), you'll be matched with verified members to form a money pool group.

4. Group Position and Payouts: You'll receive a specific position in your group, along with a designated payout date. On this date, you'll get a lump sum from the group’s pool directly to your nominated bank account.

Use your money to achieve your goals. As part of the group, you commit to making repayments to the pool. This ensures that other members can also have their turn to borrow interest-free for their goals.

Have Fun!

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